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    Looking For Nose Rings In Comm Street? We Nosed Around And Found Just The Place

    Sreepathy posted on 22 June

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    It’s cute and quirky nose pins {and rings} in the form of turtles, dolphins, doggies, flowers, and leaves that available at this tiny corner silver shop on Jewellers Street. Prices for these start at INR 50.

    Nose The Job

    B Raju Achary, the owner of the namesake shop, is a guy who knows his job and what his customers want. If quirky nose pins are your way of accessorising, you can find dirt-cheap silver nose pins in the shape of tiny elephants, dolphins, turtles, petals, leaves, and everything kind of design imaginable. Quite a collection to pick from, so take your time to pick and choose. Apart from nose pins, you can also find nose rings here that come in oxidised and coloured designs as well as studs and anklets {in limited collection}. There are a few gifting silver curios available as well. Oh and even guys with piercings can find a lot of interesting stuff as well such as ear studs with stonework or designs such as scorpions and the Punisher skull.The shop also sells silver jewellery. However, we suggest that you do ask for what kind of silver is used in the jewellery.

    Nose Around

    The shop might be a little hard to find, so you definitely need to walk around a bit to find this place. Your marker is the Bombay Dyeing shop on the main road of Commercial Street. Once you are there, take the lane bang opposite it that leads you to the silver shop lane. A minute’s walk and you’ll come to a crossroad with Raju Achary’s shop on the left. The shop’s tiny, so you might have to wait your turn to see the collection if it’s crowded.


    We found that the best time to avoid the crowd and shop peacefully is on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Sunday’s are a big no-no, especially in the evening.

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