Not Enough Time For Your Daily Chores? This App Will Do ‘Em For You!

    Aditi posted on 03 August


    Ever find yourself stuck between work and daily chores, wishing you had a personal assistant who would magically appear and just do everything? Yeah, we know that feeling – especially if you’re living alone. What if we told you that’s possible? Enter, dunzo – an app that takes care of all your daily chores for you! {God bless technology!}

    Okay, What All Can It Do?

    Nope, the question is, what can it not do? Forgot your phone’s charger at a friend’s house and too lazy to go; or want to get that broken stereo repaired, or got no time to shop for groceries? Simply, download the app and ‘dunzo-it’. {What a lifesaver}.

    You can even add multiple tasks and track all the activities wherever you are. Not just buying and repairing, this genius app will even help you light up the sky with fireworks if you want it to!

    What’s The Big Idea?

    The big idea here is to take over ALL of your to-dos for the day and let you live your life. They have a team of extremely efficient runners who will do your tasks, from laundry services to fetching your medicine at 3 am {Yes, at your service 24/7}. You can chat with them and keep a track of what has been completed, what’s left, etc.

    So, What We’re Saying Is...

    You might have 99 problems but daily tasks ain’t going to be one! This app is basically a genie in disguise, granting countless wishes across the city.

    Intrigued enough? Check out their website for a complete list of their services.

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    dunzo is available for download both on iOS & Android.

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