This Brand's Cute And Functional Decor Is Perfect For Work Or Play

Bedtime Buddies

Bangalore-based Vinanti Kothari’s brainchild, Not So Shabby, is a one-woman project, with all products designed, made and shipped by her alone. She even learned wood-working for it! And this hard work shows. She’s got kitschy key-holders with mail slots and hooks, minimalist wall decor, and framed jewellery organisers.

Now, let’s talk about our favourite —the lapdesks. These cushioned tables are perfect for breakfasts-in-bed, working on your laptop without hunching painfully and even as an ideal drawing desk. They also come in really pretty designs like block-prints, suede, ikat, ornamental and washed denim patterns. Here’s another reason to not get out of bed!

If not that, they make minimalist wall decor with a touch of whimsy if you will. Framed mirrors, key holders, shelves, and organisers, and name plates are all available to be hung on walls. The name plates can be custom made, and possibly combined with the others. And don't forget to check out their chalk boards and grid boards for all your dreams,  goals, and organising ideas.

Price: INR 1,999-INR 2,199 for the lapdesks, INR 399 upwards for other home decor products.