Ladies, These Light, Soft And Customisable Sanitary Pads Will Make Your Life Easier!

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What Makes It Awesome

I learned of Nua when a colleague of mine in Mumbai, discovered it. And since 2018, I have only used their light and super soft sanitary pads.  What I find most convenient when it comes to Nua is that they let you customise each box of pads. Each box has a total of 12, and they have three different options based on flow, and in terms of size. There is one for Heavy flow which has a really wide back, and sticks neatly onto your underwear, while the Medium is similar but less wide at the back. The Light one is like a regular, but thin pad, and all three have wings over the middle, and all are ultra thin. It's almost like it's been designed like an aircraft, for all round safety! You can mix and match the types of pads you want in your box, as long as the total is 12. 

I'm quite active, and do a fair bit of exercising too. These pads, though they look very light and thin, are very solid. They don't tear easily, at all, and they also don't feel heavy even after use for over 4-5 hours. I'm never nervously wondering if I am fidgeting too much, or sitting awkwardly!

I love that each pad has a thin plastic sheet, and a little colour-coded paper sleeve, as a wrapper. Not only does it make you feel good opening it up, but it's easy to dispose, especially in public spaces. Of course, despite being 2020, people will still look judgementally at you when you go to the bathroom with a pad in hand, so these ones make it less obvious, though once you start using, you know red is heavy flow, green in medium, and pink is light flow! I also quite like that it is has a very light fragrance. 

They also have great deals on the boxes if you buy them is bundle packs. I almost always do that, and forget about buying more, for at least a few months! Currently, they sell in packs of 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12, making it even easier! But if you want, you can even do it as a subscription, and forget about it altogether, until your box comes to your doorstep!