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Your Favourite Salon Is Now Open With Strict Precautions!

    BTM layout, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Now you can visit your favourite Hair Speak salon again with a new experience! Hygiene and safety measures are taken care of. Due to lockdown, I was unable to maintain my hair and beard, I wasn't experimenting with my looks at home, so going to salon was one of the primary needs. They are taking safety measures such as-
    1. Wearing a mask is compulsory. 
    2. At the entrance, you are offered a sanitizer.
    3. Hair and Feet are properly covered.
    4. Your temperature is checked. 
    5. Full body sanitization.
    6. You will be given a disposable kit to wear.
    7. The Stylist will be in a PPE suit. 
    Things to remember while visiting the Salon: 
    1. Wear a Mask.
    2. Use elbows to open the doors.
    3. Prefer Cashless, Online Payment.
     4. Use your knuckles to press lift buttons. 
    5. Single-use kits for services. 
    6. Minimum to no direct contact for skin and hair. Since all the precautionary measures are been taken care of, I am more than delighted to see myself in the maintained look.
      BTM layout, Bangalore