You Need To Try The Wood-Fire Nutella Pizza At Bangalore Brew Works For It's #AllKindsOfYum

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If you ask us why we go to Bangalore Brew Works, we’ll tell you that it’s because of their IPAs and the German lager, and their trendy pub vibes and the minimalist wooden décor that keeps things cool. But now we have one more reason to go there and it’s for their absolutely sinful Nutella Pizza.

Imagine a thin crust pizza that’s cooked to crisp perfection in a wood fire oven. Before it even cools down, copious amounts of Nutella is slathered {yes, slathered} as the base before topping it with berries, bananas, and marshmallow. Oh, and the chef has no qualms about the toppings being extra. Want a little more marshmallow? Go ahead and ask. You’ll find your pizza looking extra pink and fluffy. With the toppings and base done, in goes the pizza to the oven for a few seconds, so that the marshmallows get that nice golden hue and a bit of a crisp. The fruitiness hits you in the first bite, while it takes about three slices for that sugar to kick in. And by the time you hit the eighth and last slice, you’d be wishing that you weren’t such a glutton. Or a chocoholic. Thankfully, there’s craft beer for you to wash down all that sugar.