Peri Peri Or Strawberry: Cash Yourselves Some Cashews To Munch On Here

    What Makes It Awesome

    Are you a notorious snacker? Then trust us, if your folks cashew you with a bowl of this, it ain't a snack crime! At Nutrozi snacking is basically munching on cashew nuts either whole, roasted, flavoured or simply salted. If you're thinking 'ah fats', it's only the good kind this kidney bean shaped nut has together with a healthy helping of fiber and protein. 

    Also, remember masala nuts that every Indian household has stashed away in a container somewhere? Nutrozi definitely takes the masala and flavours up a notch! Like you could switch to Peri Peri Cashew Nuts from here and you wouldn't want McDonalds fries. OG masala still your jam? Nutrozi has that too. And these nuggets aren't lightly dusted with seasoning - let's just say by the end of the jar you'll have masala coated fingers. 

    What if you want a sweet snack? Well well, Strawberry Cashews it is! Tossed in a teeny bit of icing sugar and a whole lot of strawberry flavouring, we'd imagine tricking kids with this as candy or kid like adults too. Nutrozi also has regular roasted and salted cashews and the whole white ones that you can use to make milk or cook with.

    These are premium quality nuts and priced so, starting at INR 280 for a 150 gm jar.  Buy yourself a couple of jars here on Shop On LBB.