Health Nuts, We've Got Berry Important News: This Brand Will Takecare Of Your Snacking Needs

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What Makes It Awesome

Ready to load up on energy, naturally? All you have to do is eat, better still, snack. BerriNutty is bringing us some super delicious savoury and sweet trail mixes, dry fruits, berries and nuts. These super healthy snacks that come in biodegradable packs (yes, we're rhyming on purpose), are portable and lightweight, perfect for trailside munching (or really anywhere, we're settling for the couch in front of the TV). 

Easy decision making won't be a thing because every BerriNutty concoction is worthy of a purchase (so we think). Toasted Almonds (rock salt seasoning) and Toasted Cashews (rock salt and pepper), each that come in 200 gram packs for INR 350 and INR 430, sound like something we can take down easily in one sitting. Another "Imma indulge in mindless eating" option is the 'scrummy yummy' Super Trail Mix, a blend of almonds, cashews, blavky raisins and cranberries. If you're more of a fruit than a nut (apologies nut peeps), buy the Whole Dried Cranberries or the Pitted Prunes.

We're already sold, but to add to the list we've got to mention that each of these packs have low sodium and fat, and are packed with antioxidants, protein, fiber, zinc and magnesium. Store the packs away from direct sunlight and preferably refrigerate. It's best to fully consume each open pack 6 months from the date of manufacturing (within a day is also legit).


Looking for where to shop from in a hurry? BerriNutty is exclusively selling on LBB, you're welcome.