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Keep Calm And Cool Down With Ice Cream Sandwiches From Nutty Squirrel

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Offering handcrafted ice creams in sandwich and milkshake versions, Nutty Squirrel in Whitefield, is your all-new dessert destination.

Chow Down

Snicker Doodle, Brownie Wafers

Sip on

Mocha Coffee Milkshake

Winning For

The different flavours they offer and their specialty – ice cream sandwiches

Lowdown On The Ambience

Located in VR Bengaluru, Nutty Squirrel has a kiosk on the ground floor, offering quite a few tables for seating. And while it’s nothing great really, you get to do some people-watching {always makes for an interesting pastime, no?}. We prefer to focus on the ice cream we’re digging into!

What's On The Menu?

Going beyond just scoops, Nutty Squirrel has premium, handcrafted ice creams finding their way into sandwiches and thick milkshakes. Started by Aishwarya Kalakata {who is just as nuts about ice creams as us!}, the brand is all about fresh, natural ingredients and interesting flavours. While they do have usual options like Strawberry and Dark Chocolate, we suggest you indulge in the other flavours such as Peanut Butter and Banana, Chikkoo and Cheddar, Pudina, and Choco Chilli. Want something more nutty? Try Maple Walnut and Salted Pistachio. We love that they are generous with the use of fruits and nuts. With fresh batches made each day, don’t be surprised if they run out of your favourite flavour.

Ice It Up

The ice cream sandwiches here {their specialty, in fact} are a must-try. You get your choice of scoop packed between two cookies {pick from Snicker Doodle, Bread Crisps, Mocha Cookies, Brownie Wafers or Brandy Snaps}. We tried the Snicker Doodle with a scoop of Choco Chilli. While the rich chocolate complemented the cinnamon-spiced cookie, the hint of spice {green chillies} that hits you towards the end makes for an interesting melange of flavours. The Brownie Wafers {soft brownies sandwiching a portion of filter coffee ice cream} is a popular option, and we suggest you have it.

Want something to drink? Their milkshakes {made with four scoops of ice cream, apparently} include Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mocha Coffee and Go Nutty {or you can make one yourself}. Go for the Mocha Coffee, which gives you a pleasant caffeine kick {and a mini brain freeze, of course}.

So, We're Thinking...

Perfect for the summer, when all you want is a break from the heat, Nutty Squirrel’s ice cream sandwiches make for a great {not to mention, cool!} dessert.