Navya posted on 4th December

Nothing Offal About It: The City’s Best Spare Parts Dishes

Guts, kidneys and spleen! These unlauded heroes of the meaty world often get lost among tame and safer bets such as ribs, shoulder and shank. Our list of places to get the best offal {meat spare parts} – from military messes to fine-dine establishments and even gastropubs, ought to please the discerning foodie. LBB tracks out the must-try inside out dishes.

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Red Fork

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Imperial Restaurant

Red Fork

Straight from the Parsi culinary wall of fame, this cafe brings you the one-of-a-kind Masoor Ma Geeb. The dish comprises an ox tongue that’s slow-braised for 7 hours to achieve its melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. It’s served with heaps of black lentils.



Start off your meal with Mutton Brain Fry, a pepper-heavy creation that also features slivers of onions and tomatoes. There’s also a Mutton Liver Roast replete with aromatic Chettinad spices.

Windsor Pub

At this old favourite, patrons and newbies settle down for pitchers of beer and menu delights like the Spicy Chicken Liver Masala, Brain and Onion Fry and their signature Brain Pakodas. When you move to the mains, choose the Windsor Mixed Grill for a serving of  lamb kidney that’s presented alongside a steak, sausages and bacon.

Ranganna Military Hotel

Typical military hotel fare is what’s on offer here. To make the most of your “offal” meal, order up ragi balls and then ask them to bring on the chicken liver fry, Thale Mamsa {head meat} fry and Botti Gojju {intestines in a semi gravy}

Kritunga Restaurant

There’s plenty here to please the spare parts lover. From neighbouring Andhra, you get spice-laden dishes like brain and liver fries and, also, head curry that will have you breathing fire.

Chandu’s Delux

An age-old haunt, Chandu’s is a legend in these parts. Students and the working class {mostly men} stop by for a dirt-cheap tipple that goes splendidly with their famous brain, botti, and liver dishes.

Imperial Restaurant

You can tell that a restaurant values grey cells {this is purely speculation} when they come up with three different brain delicacies. Imperial considers its Brain Pepper Dry and Brain Onion Dry as its star dishes. There’s also a Brain Masala tucked into the curry section.

Savoury Restaurant

Among the seemingly endless offerings, offal lovers can sniff out an Arabian Kibda {liver} curry and a Brain Pepper Roast that pair well with fluffy Kubus {a flatbread} or Kerala parottas.

Monkey Bar

This upscale gastropub does impress with its offal-lineup. For starters, there’s Cajun-style Chicken Liver and Chilli Brain, brain cutlets with a dose of green chilli and fenugreek. There’s also Sorpotel Jam Pot, a classic Goan dish that features pork offal.


Intestines, liver, lungs…you name it and you’ve got it in the Mixed Parts Pork Curry. And to add oodles of flavour to the thin curry, Naga peppers, garlic, and ginger is used. You can ask them to dial up or down the spice levels on this one depending on your tolerance.