Olaplex Treatment At This Swish Salon Is The Magician Your Hair Needs

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Want your hair to look and feel healthy? What you need is a proper Olaplex treatment. Even Emma Stone swears by it!

What Makes It Awesome

From the Kardashians, JLo and Chrissy Tiegen to Emma Stone, Drew Barrymore, Charliz Theron, Olaplex has taken over the hairstyling world, and how. Known to be a bond multiplier, that repairs and strengthens your hair, without using chemicals and heat that really damages the hair. While the have an easy to use home kit, we suggest you hit up the salon for your first session that will teach you how the product works.

Over at Bodycraft, you can get a proper Olaplex treatment -- heal your tresses and unwind! A stylist will be assigned to you, and she or he is your magician for the day! The process starts with a check on the elasticity of your hair. If your hair strand breaks easily, then you need Olaplex, if it doesn’t then you still need it to keep your hair protected from all the pollution, chemical-infused water and of course, heat.  Following this, the Bond Multiplier will be mixed with water and applied to your hair. Leaving this on for about ten minutes helps rebuild the broken desulfide bonds. Once that’s done, the Bond Perfector will be applied over this. Acting as a kind of conditioner, this liquid further strengthens your hair and adds that sheen and bounce. Basically, you’re feeding your tresses good things, and pampering them. Plus, when your stylist throws in a massage on both steps, it’s a win-win situation! 

A quick rinse, shampoo and condition later, you stylist will probably look more pleased with you stronger, shinier and certainly less brittle hair! Make sure you head to the salon often enough to keep your hair healthy, and of course, use the Hair Perfector at home to keep those lovely locks in fine condition. And you’ll be taking flawless Instagram photos, and your best side will be the one that shines the spotlight on your hair! 


They also have a shampoo (Bond Maintenance Shampoo) and conditioner (called the Bond Maintenance Conditioner, that works wonders according to Kim K). You hair will thank you for making it so smooth and not frizzy. 


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