Gain Street Cred With Vintage Style Slogan And Print Tees For Just INR 299 Up, From This Funky Store

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If you’re looking to get your vintage cool on, you have to hit up Oldskull’s store in Ulsoor. Or check them out online and score some serious street cred. 

    Nope, we’re not joking! The original, new age vintage-style tees by the iconic streetwear brand Old Skull are retailing in town, and we can’t get enough. Originally a brand from Thailand which made slogans cool, and accessible, the brand is now retailing out of a s small for nifty store in Ulsoor. So the next time you hit up the famous Skywalk on Assaye Road, make sure you stop off at the Old Skull store first. Chances are you’ll want to swap the shirt you’re wearing for your new purchase(s).

    We loved how the tiny store managed to pack in the feels of the stores in Thailand with unpolished walls, funky 3D projections and of course, all the funky designs of the tees covering the space. If you’re one of the uninitiated, fear not we’ll decode it for you! Oldskull is a t-shirt and clothing brand that made vintage cool again. They brought back the slogan concept on tees, and mixed them up with funky designs and t-shirt art to give you something classic, cool and unusual.

    We’re tripping on the Ultimate collection which has everything from gasoline cans and sharks to Osaka races and motorcycles on them. No, they don’t just have prints, rather your tee looks almost like a poster for the product or event. See, that’s what makes them cool! We loved the Oldskull adventure t-shirt with a mountain and sun on it, for that old school edge. Of course the Native Nation version with what looks uncannily like Sitting Bull, a Hunkpapa Lakota leader. So much vintage cool, we felt it was the 80s again! Bring on the retro!

    What we love about the Oldskull collection is that they’re comfy, colourful (mostly yellow, blue, black and white) but not OTT. Wear them to work if you’re in the creative field and don’t have formals to stick to, throw them on over surfer shorts for a holiday by the beach, or even work out in them — they light, edgy and won’t fade, from experience. We’ve shopped this brand across Europe and Asia, and you know what, they’re the cheapest in India, after the home coutnry, Thailand. Go forth and shop, y’all!

    What Could Be Better

    They don't always have stocks for all the designs. 

    Pro Tip

    If this is too much for you, check out the Express collection. The mixtape design, the octopus, a Samurai warrior horse and even the floral skull is something that we’re buying without question. Covid-19 Update: Oldskull is presently taking orders online on their official website. They will be delivering in most areas except for containment zones. Expect a slight delay than usual in orders.

      Available Online