Head To This Trekking Trail In Tumkur For A Day Filled With Adventure And History

    What Makes It Awesome

    The Madhugiri Fort located in the Madhugiri township in Tumkur district and is a trekking spot that’s frequented by many trekking clubs across Bangalore including Bangalore Mountaineering Club. The township lends its name to the hill (and the fort) that’s 3930 feet high and what is Asia’s second-largest monolith hill. Full of history, legends, and facts, the trekking trail is just under 120 kilometers from Bangalore. Perfect for a one-day road trip with your trekking company, and easily accessible by public transport in case you don’t have your own transport.

    Built around the late 17th Century, during the reign of Raja Hera Gowda, it was further fortified by the subsequent rulers who used the fort including Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, so channel your inner warrior on your hike up. The trek here is rated between moderate to difficult given the hills steep climb. Luckily for you, there are sidebars and iron rods to help you navigate your way up the hillside. A mix of plain and steep rocks, rock-cut steps, and a short flight of stairs at the beginning of the trek, be sure to carry your pair of climbing boots.

    It can take anywhere between two to three hours for you to finish the whole trek (up and down), so take your time at each stretch to give yourself a good break and look at the view around you. Architectural influences on stone carvings, arches, garrison walls, turrets, and water tanks right from the Gowda’s period to Tipu’s can be seen around the fort. The peak of the mountain, where the ruins of the Gopal Krishna temple stands, offers the best panoramic view of the township below and the nearby hills.


    You can either check out the trekking trail by yourself or see if these trekking clubs offer guided treks to Madhugiri Fort.