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Pizza Lovers We Have News For You! Onesta Is All Set To Open In Kalyan Nagar

Navya posted on 22 December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Everyone’s favourite pizzeria — Onesta — is opening soon in Kalyan Nagar. We can’t wait to gorge on menu standouts like their Prawn Pesto Pizza, Sausage & Onion Pizza, and their Chocolate Chilli Tart.

Pizza Paradise

While we were snooping around the neighbourhood just this past weekend, we spotted frantic work going on in a building on the Kalyan Nagar main road. On further investigation, we noticed the Onesta board at the entrance of the work-in-progress joint. Yep! Pizza lovers from around here will soon have a place to satisfy their cravings. While we are not sure of the exact date of the launch, you can be sure that you’ll hear of it the minute we do.

Hit The Base Note

Of course, Onesta’s popularity has spread far and wide among food lovers in the city thanks to their pizzas that come topped with exciting flavour combinations like prawn and pesto, caramelised onions and mushrooms, sausage and onions, and, even, banana and chocolate. Along with their stellar line up of pizzas, you can also expect their lasagnas and starters at their new outlet. We are also hoping that they introduce their Unlimited Pizza + Dessert offer when they open shop in Kalyan Nagar. Watch this space for more.