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This Online Tailoring Service By Women Is A Dream Come True For Fitted Garments!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Let’s face it - at some point, we all have cribbed about a badly fitted garment - be it kurtas, blouses, dresses or pants. Plus, the thought of making that trip down to the tailor’s and the awkwardness of getting measured with a tape only makes the task feel like a hurdle.

Well, now bid adieu to those woes and try Binks, that is an online tailor service for women in Bangalore, and even run by women. I discovered them recently and got a custom dress made, and might I say that the experience was awesome!

Their team makes the process so much fun where you get to pick the design online and share it with them. You can give your own fabric too, however, in my case, I had opted for a light summer-y pastel linen piece from their collection. Right after that, an online meeting was set up with the design consultant who helped finalise the style according to my requirement. Oh, she also advised on the length and the cut of the garment that would suit me best.

For the measurements, there was never a need to be physically measured. I just placed a request with their team to have a sample garment picked from my place the next day. Plus, I shared some pictures on WhatsApp with the consultant to show her the loose ends on that garment, so they could be fixed in the new dress. And tadaaa! I received the delivery of the newly-stitched tailored-to-perfection dress in 7 days and was flaunting it right away.

So, whether it’s for a saree blouse, lehenga, kurta-pajama, shirt, dress, skirt or anything else, trust these guys to make it all in the perfect size. I am already putting together my wishlist of styles to get stitched at Binks and suggest that you do that too.