If You're Looking For The Light, This Studio In Indiranagar Makes Bizarre Sustainable Lamps

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If you’re looking to illuminate your life, Oorjaa is a design studio that handcrafts sustainable material like paper into lamps for homes and commercial spaces.

What Makes It Awesome

With their roots lying in Bangalore’s first handmade paper studio established in 1998, Oorjaa combines waste and natural fibre to create beautiful lights that resonate with their vision of living lightly. Their collections vary from oxide to shadow play and explore popular art styles across the globe. The Japanese philosophy of ‘mottainai’ (no waste), the art of ‘shibori’ (tie and dye) and traditional shadow puppetry native to South India are a few techniques that the studio has incorporated into their products. We suggest even spending some time at their store to enjoy the pleasing sights.

Apart from just selling lamps from shelves at their stores, Oorjaa also takes up environment-friendly projects with a commitment to save more energy than we use. So if you’ve opened up a commercial establishment and want to beautify your space, hire these guys to give a twist to the interiors through light play..and if it cuts down the cost of electricity, why not?! Spots like Burma Burma and Bombay Brasserie in Indiranagar have some gorgeous lighting and if you were wondering where they sourced it from, you now know. (*wink wink*)


Their costs are INR 3,000 upwards but since each piece is an investment, we don’t mind that their prices are on the higher end. If you’re looking for something affordable, look up their table and pendant lamps.