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Brew Black: This Brand's Premium Quality Black Tea Will Tea-se Your Senses!

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What Makes It Awesome

Let's start with a fun fact. After water, black tea is believed to be the most consumed beverage in the world. And we for sure know that whether or not tea drinkers, every Indian family has a box of black tea. But what we don't know is the quality of that cuppa. It could very well be just black dust and water. Oh no. 

Bugged with the same worry was college goer, Nitsimran, who took her black tea as seriously as the colour itself. So, she decided to order only the finest, aka orange pekoe black tea from Assam, and that too 500 kgs of it! For the uninitiated, orange pekoe refers to high quality black tea made from young leaves, aka first flush. It's also associated with royalty (some digging for you to do). Through word-of-mouth, and help from her friends she was able to sell it all in the first few months (boy, tea really does sell, huh?) and set up Orange Pekoe Tea Co.

Nitsimran ensures her broken (ctc: crush, tear, curl) orange pekoe tea reaches you within 10 days of being plucked and packed, so at peak freshness! This cup of black tea (perfect as a hot beverage, with milk, as iced tea) she describes is deep reddish brown with sweet aromas, and a robust maltiness with a lingering honeyed sweetness! 

On another note, we can't help but speak of the cute potli packaging the tea comes in. Each potli is handmade by Nitsimran using only waste fabric sourced from local tailors. Good tea in good packaging, let's sip away to that!


You can order the Orange Pekoe Tea Co black tea in 1 kg (INR 450), 500 gm (INR 250) and 250 gm (INR 150) potlis through their IG handle. Pan India shipping is available.