Banana Brandy Berries & Pear And Pomegranate: Stock Up On Jars Of Fresh Fruit Jam From This Local Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    A trip to Kashmir, a few years ago, resulted in Gagan, the founder of Orchard Lane, making batches of delicious apply jam and falling in love with the process. Gagan has since then perfected the art of jam-making – she uses the French technique where the fruit juice is extracted before the jam is made, making it more flavourful. And is now available for your eating pleasure.

    You can pick up Orchard Lane’s fruit-loaded concoctions from their website. Choose from jams that are in stock through the year and the seasonal ones. The first category has unusual flavours combinations like pear and pomegranate, melon and cranberry juice things up together, and banana, date and vanilla flavour too. They also have orange marmalade, and one with pineapple. Orchard Lane also sells a preservative-free, all-natural Tomato Ketchup, and an organic pizza and pasta sauce.

    Since the brand sources fresh fruit, you can expect seasonal surprises too. Hot and Sweet Guava Jam and Mango Jam will surely make your summer sweeter. Peach Preserve, Black Grape Jam and Strawberry Jam are also part of their offerings. But these sell out pretty quickly so you better fill your cart as quickly as possible. Or you can sign up for their subscription service where you can choose the flavours of your choice.


    They are still accepting orders, but due to the lockdown, delivery time might differ based on which zone you're in. Should you want a delivery for your community as a bulk order, do contact them on 8197008989 for contactless bulk delivery, especially in the Whitefield area.