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Waffles, Jars, And Hot Chocolate Fudge: Local Dessert Brands We Love And Order From

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Okay Cabin fever is at an all time high, and we could all use a sweet pick-me-up during self isolation. Even if not for yourself, you can always send some sugar someone else’s (or our) way if they’re feeling blue. If nothing else, just to celebrate surviving another success while working from home, or completing your quarantine period with a fully green signal. Many local businesses have closed their locations, but there are quite a few that still deliver, so here’s where you can order desserts online.

Happy Belly Bakes

Known for their indulgent desserts, order from Happy Belly Bakes if you’re craving something fudgy, chocolatey, creamy, or super indulgent. Whether it’s their Ferrero Rocher Crunch Cake, Chocolate truffles, pies, chocolate tarts, or their hot chocolate, you can order it on food delivery platforms. Their hot chocolate comes in a cute jar, but just the powder, so make it on a rainy day and settle in

Lakeview Milkbar

If you have fond memories of this iconic, nearly century old dessert parlour (which most people in the city probably do), you can enjoy any of their sundaes (to share with your isolation partner maybe?), milkshakes, and seasonal desserts from the comfort of your couch and pjs. And yes, you can order extra chocolate fudge. 

Crave By Leena

Vegans, Leena's Cakes and desserts are a dream come true! We at LBB regularly order from her for small celebrations, and we're not even vegan. Even better if you're ordering for your family who don't like eggs in their cake.  From caramel filled cupcakes, sinful chocolate cakes, to brownies and doughnuts, it’ll be delivered within the day, and it’s fully worth it! And there are keto and , gluten free options too. 

Art Of Delight

Who doesn’t love desserts in a Jar? Craving cheesecake in a jar? They’ve got it. Something that is all kinds of chocolate, and then some? The lava cake sundae should be what you pick. For a dose of nostalgia, order their Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course if you love things fruity, then their tropical fruit sundae, or raspberry cheesecake will do the trick. 

Belgian Waffle Factory

Desserts for breakfast for desserts kinda person? Waffles are exactly that, and Belgian Waffle Factory lets you customise it to the T! You also have the option to make it into a waffle sandwich. What a time to be alive! The Monkey Tella Waffle (banana, whipped cream, and Nutella as the filling) is a meal by itself, and you can add any topping ranging from berry pulp to corn flakes to it. 


Who doesn't love Truffles? Since they started as a bakery, their sweet treats sell like, well, hot cakes! Their Chocolate truffle cake is legendary, and they also make great tarts, and Mississippi Mud Pie (personal favourite), so if you're ordering a birthday cake online, or event just dessert slices, they're your guys. And same goes for their shakes and bakes too! 


Shelza Toots

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If your sweet tooth isn't as decadent, but about the simple things in life, like cinnamon rolls with coffee, or a tea cakes at 4pm, then definitely hit up Shelza. A home baker, apart from this also makes wholesome cakes, cookies, and sourdough bread. Do note that you'll have to order two days in advance, and delivery is only through Dunzo. If you were looking for Easter Eggs come April, she takes orders for those also. 

Cupcake Noggins

Moist cupcakes full of flavour are what you'll get at Cupcake Noggins. Chocolate, millionaire, mocha cupcakes are all available. If you have a celebration coming up, they'll have you sorted within the day. Their chocolate salted caramel is delightful. You can order them online as a cake, or as pastry slices. They also have tea cakes and dessert jars.

Amma's Pastries

Known for their classic (and eggless) flavours, Amma's is a family favourite. It's not fancy, but it does the job and fully satisfies cravings. Blackforest, chocolate truffle, blueberry are all available. You can get them as whole cakes or as pastries