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Direct Is Better, Direct Is Delicious: Support The City's Most Popular Eateries

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It comes as no surprise that the food and beverage industry took the biggest hit when Covid-19 came a-knocking. Having to shut shop overnight and stay that way for over a year now hasn't been easy in the least. Yet, these restaurants continue to work around the clock to deliver our favourite eats and drinks. While ordering from third-party apps does not affect us, it does take a toll on business operations, which is why these eateries now urge us to order from them directly. A direct order saves them from paying huge commissions and gives us access to special discounts, free delivery (in most cases) and no hidden charges! Below, we've listed Bengaluru's most popular restaurants that have direct menus/air menus in place, check them out, place your orders and support them now.

Ohana Fusion Kitchen

You can order directly with this Indiranagar-kitchen that, true to its name, does a bit of fusion when it comes to its range of cuisines. The core of it is Bengali food (so think luchi aloo dom and aloo potol) and you will also get Chindian specials such as Chicken 65 for apps. The star of the menu is their Jackfruit Biryani, which on weekends get sold out quicker than luchis. You can order directly with Ohana Fusion Kitchen through AirMenus. 

Green Theory

Green Theory is one of our favourite vegetarian restaurants in Central Bangalore and you can order directly with them. While they are available on other restaurant delivery aggregators, nothing like ordering directly. We always order their Vietnamese Pho, Desi Nachos, and Chinese Bhel for apps. But if it's something substantial you are looking for, we recommend their Pesto Theory Pizza and Penne Norma. Even their Burmese Khao Suey is a good bet. You can even order from their pantry that includes tea, cheese, dips, and coffee. 

Copper & Cloves At The Organic World

The organic farm-to-table restaurant is available on AirMenus for direct orders between 9 am and 7 pm. Copper & Cloves is a plant-based cafe, so you'll find really interesting options in the form of Muhammara on Sourdough, Gluten-Free: Pea Smash Tartine, Coffee, Raw Cacao + Hemp Smoothie Bowl and substantials such as The Sri Lankan Bowl and The Asian Bowl. Desserts go for the Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

Brik Oven

With a whopping five stores across the city now, Brik Oven is not only about the brick oven pizzas any more but so much more. From divine cheese and ciabatta sandwiches to smoked meats and bagels, they’re a proper pizzeria meets deli with a side of those bomb-as-ever milkshakes. All you have to do is pick the Brik Oven closest to you - Whitefied, Koramangala, Palace Road, Indiranagar or the OG at Church Street, and pick from the airmenus. Some of the outlets have different menus, so make sure you check on that. For more on what to order from Brik Oven, check out our recommendation here

The Permit Room

Never disappointing and ever-delivering in flavours and portion-size, The Permit Room is our go-to for South Indian fare with a flair. While you cannot, just yet, enjoy a delicious meal here overlooking busy Bengaluru in all its glory, you can directly order in from the restaurant. The direct menu has a curation of some of the most popular dishes and the fixed lunches we so love -- Succulent Lamb Donne Biryani, Ennai Kathirikai, TPR Chicken Ghee Roast, mmh! We also hear the menu is frequently updated and changed to feature other deliciousness, so keep a lookout. Currently, TPR directly delivers to a 10km radius, if you live further away, you can always arrange for a pick-up. The restaurant is also donating 15% of direct bill orders to recognised Covid-19 relief organisations.

Happy Belly Bakes

One of Bangalore’s favourite destinations for desserts, If you’re looking for cakes and savoury bakes, feel free to order directly from the Happy Belly Bakes website. Apart from the range of celebration cakes (including Ferrero Rocher, Snickerbar, Espresso, and seasonal favourites like mango in the summer and strawberries during spring!). They also have mini versions of their classics (for those lockdown birthday celebrations), as well as their indulgent tarts. For those who like savouries, their range of quiches and calzones are the real deal. If you want to make it yourself, they also sell mixes for brownies and cakes, as well as their amazing hot chocolate.