Two's Company: Make Pepperberrys A Go-To For Fresh Filter Coffee & Whole Spices

    What Makes It Awesome

    Think filter coffee & spices and most immediately our inability to function without the two come to mind. And if you're born and brought up in the South like the writer, even more so! Our biggest worry when indulging in the two though is quality, just like the folks at Pepperberrys Co would agree. Luckily for us, after a chance visit to Hassan and their whole spice markets, the Founders decided -- no more putting up with substandard.

    Ever since, this small Bengaluru-based venture has been making its patrons very happy. They carefully source whole spices -- personally visit, pick up every spice, clean and sun dry them multiple times, before they can be packaged and delivered to you. Similarly, their love for filter coffee led them to source their coffee beans only from the best estates in Coorg. This is then roasted and powered with the right amount of chicory (80-20) to yield the perfect blend for filter coffee. We're told the Pepperberrys Co blend tastes like a fragrant and strong Kumbakonam coffee, mmh! 

    Pepperberrys has lots of different whole spices from regular spices like pepper, cumin and fennel to the more exotic mace, black cardamom and star anise. We like the simple packaging that is also eco-friendly made entirely or craft paper and aluminium foil. This also helps preserve freshness. 

    Price: INR 390 for 500g of the filter coffee, spices start at INR 130 for 250g


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