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Yes, We’re Always In The MOOd For Unadulterated Fresh Milk At Our Doorsteps


    What Makes It Awesome

    Milk is an essential part of our culture and dairy inadvertently constitutes a major chunk of our diets. While it’s for our early morning tea or for the cold coffee on a sultry hot day, Country Delight has the best milk you could get inside your system. This is not just unadulterated but is also natural and fresh. Be assured you get nothing but top notch quality with the milk as it comes without added milk powders, water and other mixing agents. How could you check? By making use of the self test kit you get with the trial order.

    Country Delight’s Milks are quality tested for adulteration everyday and the milking is done twice a day to ensure you get your fresh milk by 24-48 hours of placing the order. The milk is pasteurized at 3 degree celsius to ensure that bacterial growth is minimal. Their cow milk boasts of natural sweetness as a hallmark of purity and undergoes 70 tests as the desi Gir, Sahiwal, Jersey and Holstein Cows release the white nectar of purity. If you want something more protein-friendly, rich and creamy, their buffalo milk sourced from the Murrah Buffaloes are the scene. Bodybuilders, we got you! The brand even has low fat cow milk, curd, paneer(cottage cheese) and ghee (clarified butter). 

    For the perfect trio with milk, they also have tan, brown and white eggs and bread. Check out their website to place orders seamlessly and know more about the brand.