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This Home Chef Gives Burgers & Sushi A Makeover Along With Bubble Tea

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What Makes It Awesome

What makes a Bachelor’s of Science student become a home chef? Something as unassuming as the love for good food, couple that with university friends from all over the world and you have a bevvy of flavours that show up in your cooking. Radhika Singhal took this love and made it into a business that does the most bunless burg menu ever, she’s added bubble teas as well, just one of the things she missed from her time as a student in the US. Now she runs, SuRaBo, bunless burg, sushi cake, and bubble tea food delivery service from home where everything is homemade and 100% vegetarian, she also serves up vegan options.

In case you’re wondering what bunless burgs are, they’re exactly what they sound like, burgers with no burger buns and by no means is that just a random veggie patty, it’s way more than that. There’s a definitive Asian influence in the menu but she’s added a fair degree of flavours so there’s something for everyone. The burger buns are essentially a carb element other than bread, so there’s a selection of Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian. I tried the Rajma Rice Burg from the Indian menu, a kidney bean patty infused with papad, a rice bun, chutney and onions to complete the burg, very intriguing and taste-wise exactly like Rajma and Rice as a meal.

The novelty factor goes up with one of my favourites, the Ultimate Mexican Burg, Mexican rice and nacho buns with a filling of bean patty, guacamole, salsa, queso, sour cream and chipotle mayo, this was fully loaded and fantastic. From the Japanese I would recommend the Ramen Burg, the noodles make the bun and the filling is customizable with a choice of either assorted mushrooms or tofu, go for the assorted shrooms. The Chinese burgs have chilli paneer and Manchurian with the buns made from fried rice or Hakka noodles and the Italian ones have spaghetti eggplant parm (which was yum!) and spaghetti mushroom burg, all amped up with truffle oil! Pair these with a selection of bubble teas in three variations -- whole milk, skimmed, and almond! 

SuRabo recently introduced Sushi Cakes which seem to be trending and rightly so, they’re super pretty and a great way to binge on a giant flavour bomb of sushi goodness. You can build your own cake with a base of sushi rice and a huge selection of fillings, from tempura veggies to edamame and more. There is also a selection of sauces, Peanut Soy, sriracha, chilli oil, miso and oyster, and all veggie. They deliver across Delhi/ NCR, all our preparations are 100% vegetarian and homemade. 

What Could Be Better

I felt the Indian burgs need a bit of work, there are other Indian cuisine carbs and regional cuisines that can be played with.


The sushi cake is so elaborate and gorgeous that it’s an ideal ‘not cake’ cake to gift for occasions among friends and family, I promise you, they won’t forget it!