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Try Out Mangaluru’s Favourite Dessert Here In Bengaluru

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What Makes It Awesome

Yep, you guessed it right. This is the famous gudbud ice cream our kudla homies boast about. Turns out, Gudbud in Koramangala makes some top-notch gudbud ice creams in Bangalore for all you folks in the ooru who want to beat the heat. For those not in the know, a gudbud ice cream is essentially a sundae, with a smattering of dry fruits, fresh fruits, three or more kinds of ice creams and/or biscuit or cake. If ever there was an acapella of desserts, this would be it. ‘You need not a small appetite. A sweet tooth and a mouth to slurp, chew and crunch, should do just right. The gudbud comes in a big glass with plenty of condiments in store. Make your way to the bottom, you’ll be left craving for more.’ (see what I did there #poyum)

We hear their Exotic Gudbud is the most sought after. The sundae has a mixture of three different ice creams, Kesar (saffron), Strawberry and Vanilla layered one atop the other as each layer of ice-cream has dry-fruits and fresh fruits as a border between them. You will be throttled with a different texture and a different flavour with every bite you take and that is what we love about the sweet treat. They are also known for their Tiramisu and chocolate fudges for those of you who cannot conceptualise a dessert without chocolate. Order in from food delivery platforms.


They don’t have dine-in facilities operational at the moment due to COVID-19 restrictions. Place your orders through food delivery platforms and use LBB’s Enquire Now feature for queries.