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Desserts, Sauces, Main Courses: This Home Baker Makes Food For The Soul

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What Makes It Awesome

It's like The Blue Haired Baker put together a menu of all our favourites so we won't have to look elsewhere. Fresh loaves of bread (hello carbs!), sinful sauces and dips (hello snacking!) and decadent desserts (hello sugar rush!) -- we don't know a better trifecta. Sauparnika, is a Bangalore based baker who has been whipping up home-like desserts and food for nearly four years now but it was increased demand (friends and family) that pushed her the commercial route. She bakes to stay sane and happy and we eat for the same, so  win-win.

We'll start with desserts, that is very much a worldly affair. Tiramisu reigns supreme and so do other alcohol infused desserts like the Bailey's Tarts. Chocolate stuffed cookies (INR 70 each) and the Cherry Cheesecake are other hot favourites. If diet concerns you, order the Healthy Banana Bread (whole wheat and zero refined sugar) and the Fruit Tart. 

On days when you want nothing but carbs, TBHD's Fresh Out Of The Oven menu is a saviour! Everything from Artisanal Italian Loaves to Lavash Crackers and Garlic Bread is at your craving's service. We though, want the Lasagne and the Chocolate Pull Apart Bread Drizzled with Caramel. The dips & sauces go great with snacks and are great quick meal fixes. Like all you need is some Pizza Sauce or Sun Dried Tomato Pesto to quickly put together dinner. Those Lavash Crackers will go well with the Hummus and Tzatziki too. 

Sauparnika also makes her own Nutella (refined sugar and oil free), that's right! Priced at 250 that's a bargain for good health and happiness.


You can customise or make anything vegan on the menu. TBHB also puts out weekend, 3-course pop up menus that you can order off. Check her Instagram for the same and DM at least two days in advance. She delivers across Bangalore.