Millet Cookies & Snacks From Kiru Have Our Heart And Health & You Can Order Online!

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What Makes It Awesome

Ditch those nutrition-poor, refined flour biscuits and instead have a go at Kiru millet cookies. If you’ve been stressing out about refined wheat flour in your chai-dunking bikkies, but can’t do without one, then Orgtree’s millet cookies might just be what you’re looking for.

The gluten-free biscuits are made with organic kodo or little millet and come in four flavours. There’s almond and cocoa little millet cookies, chocolate chips and cocoa little millet cookies, pepper little millet cookies, and curry kodo millet cookies (NR 240 for a pack of four, 150 grams each). The makers assure us that their cookies are “made with locally sourced millets and love.” Orgtree, the parent company of Kiru sources its millets from Thenkahalli, a village in Karnataka’s Mandya district and also from Tamil Nadu. Their website informs us that 188 families live here and that the millets are grown “without fertilisers and substitutions.'' We love the brown paper boxes the cookies come in.

Also available on their website are Kiru dry fruit bars, honey and date bars and dry fruit ladoos. For savouring snacking you have millet puffed bites, pearl millet mixture and black gram papad. They also sell millets by the kilo, be it finger raw millet, jowar millet, and kodo raw millet.We are most excited about the ‘Make Your Own Box’ option wherein you can customize your box of delicious, most importantly healthy snacks delivered to your doorstep.

Pro Tip

COVID-19 Tip: Kiru is delivering following all safety precautions and double packaging during the times of Covid-19. Better news is they are available on Shop On LBB!