Kefir, Kimchi & Kombucha: This Local Brand Is Fermenting Up A Storm Of Gut Friendly Grub

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What Makes It Awesome

On hot summer days, there's nothing better than a chilled drink, and if soda is too unhealthy, and you're not feeling like alcohol, consider Kombucha from Mossant Fermentary. Brewing limited batches of kombucha, they're super experimental with flavours, and they're all great as far as this writer is concerned. Ranging between INR 90 to INR 150, get between 200ml and a pint when you order. For the uninitiated, kombucha is fermented tea that's fizzy and may or may not be slightly alcoholic. 

I'm not much of a kombucha person in general, but with the lockdown comes new adventures! The flavours I ordered were green tea, earl grey lavender, mango green tea, and ginger turmeric ale. Kombucha is known to be tangy and fizzy to begin with, and the green tea flavour delivered with extra zing (in a good way). The earl grey lavender was super refreshing since the lavender flavour really shone through, as did the mango in the mango green tea flavour. The ginger ale was a bit flat, and quite forgettable, but that apparently happens when it hasn't fermented optimally. 

Apart from kombucha, they also make kimchi, cultured butter (made with kefir), dips, spreads, lacto fermented hot sauce, and pasta sauces. They deliver on Fridays and Tuesdays through Dunzo, and put up what's available through the week on their Instagram, so follow them to place an order. They respond quickly, and patiently answer any and all questions you might have. 

What Could Be Better

The simple bottles that they deliver their drinks in are great, but sadly come with caps that can't be replaced. There are only so many DIY flower vases to be made before we start to discard the bottles. 


All their products are best enjoyed fresh, but if you're planning to consume it later or in batches (especially the sauces and dips), remember to refrigerate them as the products are very sensitive to temperature changes. 

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