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Smoked Tea, Lavender & Honey: This Brand Is Taking Us To Probiotics Flavour Town

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Zoh Kombucha Taster Pack of 5 - Peach, Lavender, Kashmiri Kahwa, Jasmine and Berry Blast: Grocery & Gourmet Foods

What Makes It Awesome

Enough has been spoken about and written about the mighty kombucha and yet its popularity only seems to be soaring. If you haven't introduced yourself to this fun fermented cousin of tea, now is the best time because the flavour options are many. So if you think the borderline vinegar-y taste can put you off, think again. Zoh Probiotics is one such brand that does a good job of introducing you (and kiddos) to kombucha in the most non-intimidating way. They work with different types of teas, fruits and flower flavours to ensure your mind and palate is blown. 

The Kashmiri Khawa, for example, uses Khawa tea with the addition of saffron and spices -- so, you're deffo going to feel like royalty sipping on this one. The Jasmine is jasmine tea kombucha infused with real jasmine flowers (this will calm your WFH nerves). For the kid-friendly option, look to Floral Fun, a signature mix of fruity and floral flavours.

For those of you who like to kick it old school, try the Pur-eh, it is intensely earthy. Jun made with honey is mildly sweet and complex. Other flavours include lavender, rose and chamomile. If you're looking to strengthen that gut Zoh Probiotics also has kefir water that is all vegan! Yes. Although it says water, this is a raw, unfiltered and unpasteurised fizzy drink rich in vitamins B and C. You can pick from flavours of guava chilli and mango.

The bottles are available in 330ml and in packs of three and five on Amazon. Zoh Probiotics ships Pan-India.