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Air Purity To Mental Health: This Brand Sells Plants That Takes Care Of Both

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If you’re a plant lover and treat plants like they are your own family then Mrs. Potter  is just for you. Started by a couple of Prof Sprouts (10 points if you’re a potterhead) - Ekta and Ayesha -  who harboured love for plants and the resultant impact it had on their lives, they decided to sell it too. Certainly not the loud and obnoxious mandrake plant, Mrs. Potter sells plants based on your requirements. If you want a plant, drop them a message on Instagram where they will assess your experience with plants, get familiar with your house’s lighting condition, and based on your budget, will suggest just the right plant/(s) for you. Plants for beginners, for pets, for anything and any mood rather, they've got you sorted.

    Spruce up your interiors with their snake plant, one of their bestsellers as it is easy to maintain, acts as an air purifier and is apparently good for mental health too. There’s also the Areca Palm, ZZ and Philodendron Xanadu. All their plants are sourced from local vendors and delivered right to your doorstep. Plants are sized between one and six feet and will cost you anywhere from as low as INR 199 to as high as INR 2,000 (for a mix of three to four plants), and none of them require fertilization. They can be repotted and they are also available in plastic/ceramic planters (aesthetics? check). We were advised to talk to the plants, after all they're living beings and in doing so, Mrs. Potter assures that your mental health will benefit. 


    Customisations and special requirements for plants are entertained, albeit at a higher price.

      Available Online