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Have You Tried Plant-Based Cheesecake? You Should, Especially From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

There's a cat named Puddu at the Be Animal Hostel in Koramangala and there are also jars of cheesecake labelled Pudducakes at the hostel. The connection? Puddu graciously 'allowed' his humans Vanessa and Lakshman (remember Be Animal Gourmet? Same folks!) to name their brand of plant-based cheesecake after him. While we were at the hostel scooping into a jar of cheesecake, we couldn't help notice how good it tasted. Vanessa tells us how these guilt-free vegan cheesecakes are made from natural ingredients such as organic cashews, coconuts, and dates. The best part? Zero sugar and zero preservatives. So truly, indulge guilt-free. 

Pudducakes are available in two types -- Puddupots (cheesecake in a jar) and as full cakes (500g and 1000g) -- and in a variety of interesting flavours including seasonal varieties. Some of the flavours we spotted include Lavendar & Lime, Rose & Pistaccio, Cinnamon & Apple, Matcha & Plum, Classic Blueberry, Rose & Strawberry, and Whisky Pear. Oh, and folks you can place orders customised vegan cheesecakes with them online.  


If you are in Koramangala, you can find Puddupots on Swiggy and Zomato under BeAnimal Gourmet.