Chocolate Crazies, Try These Single-Origin Organic Cocoa Powders

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Indian Natives

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What Makes It Awesome

Does everything about chocolate tickle your tastebuds and send them into overdrive? Then join the club and meet our newest member, Indian Natives! This cocoa plantation in Annamalai, Coimbatore produces and sells single origin cocoa beans in its different forms. Third generation Owner Akila shares that after having sold their beans to some of the biggest chocolate companies, she decided to build a local brand of her own producing cocoa powders and chocolates for the masses, especially moms and home bakers. Their 50 acre farm is 100% free of pesticides and focuses on organically growing cacao as an intercrop (between coconut and pepper trees). A meticulous process of hand picking the fruit, followed by mulching, fermentation, sun drying and grinding is practised. The result produces three of their current all vegan and organic products.

The most popular is their cocoa powder available in three variants. Mild, ideal as a drinking chocolate or in cakes and cookies and Dutch processed medium and dark cocoa powder, great for brownies and fudges. All of these are available in a raw and unsweetened form. The brand also sells two very prized byproducts, cocoa nibs, touted to be the next superfood and cocoa butter, a swell choice for vegan chefs and skincare enthusiasts alike! If you're experimenting with chocolate making, you can also order their whole beans. Cocoa powders are priced at INR 450 for 500gms while the beans will cost you INR 360 for a kilo (inclusive or shipping). Indian Natives hand packs every order and ships across India. You can WhatsApp them at 7550370006 or DM them on Instagram. 


Don't worry, couverture and compound chocolates are in the works too. They will soon be available for you to buy and indulge in.