Chocolate Or Coffee: Diya Naturals Makes Yummy Beauty Products And Skincare


A brand that hand makes beauty and personal care products, Diya Naturals claims to be 100 per cent natural and non-toxic. Plus, it’s rather affordable.

What Is It?

A Bangalore-based brand that works with beauty and skincare products, the stuff is lovely. And the best part is that all the products are edible, which to me is an indicator of how safe the products are. Not to mention everything is sourced from sustainable sources. And that too locally. This enterprise is all about #MakeInIndia.

How Was Your Experience?

With a firm dislike for preservatives, parabins and sulphates, the range of products {from lotion to lip balm} are suitable to almost all skintypes — even if you have very sensivite skin. Another great thing about Diya Naturals is that they have seasonal ranges. This means, that apart from a vast range, they use fresh ingredients for the products. So think mangoes in summer and orange is spring. Plus, coffee and chocolate scrubs year round, to keep you energised.

Must Try

My favourite is the lip balm — so moisturising. And also so yummy!

Order by either calling them on  +91 8296351597 or email at