Why The Original Glazed Doughnut At This American Coffee House Still Remains Our Favourite

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If you need a reason to head to your nearest Krispy Kreme, let it be for their unsung hero, the Original Glazed. Plus, the fact that you can get 12 of those for INR 560.

All About The Dough

There used to be a time when we used to go to the now-shut Krispy Kreme on Church Street just to see how those Original Glazed doughnuts used to be made. In fact, we used to stand and stare at the conveyor belt carrying those doughnuts for hours, till the staff said it was closing time. Of course, seeing that many, our usual order used to be either half a dozen or the whole dozen. More of the latter and we have had way too many blackout-caused-by-too-much-sugar experiences of having eaten all the 12 on the trot. Guilty as charged, we are quite shameless that way when it comes to these highly underrated doughnuts.

We are not quite sure what makes these doughnuts our favourites. Maybe it’s that it’s got that light fluffiness. Maybe it’s the fact that you can dip it into almost anything from coffee to hot chocolate and even Coke {yes, we are quite weird that way} and it’ll instantly make everything just good. Or maybe it’s because they are the perfect snack come any time of the day. In any case, in Original Glazed doughnuts, we trust!

Of Coffees And Doughnuts

While we are not particularly fond of the other doughnuts that they have in stock, special mention should be given to the Churro and the Chocolate Glazed that we have from time to time. Coffee and doughnuts go hand in hand and while we have better coffee from other places, during rush hours or those quick snacking between meetings, their coffee-doughnut combo does the job for us. Try the Irish Cappuccino and the Hot Chocolate. They also often have deals on beverages and donuts, so keep an eye out for those.


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