Ten-Second Takeaway

This eco village resort offers something to do for adults, kids and even pets. And the rustic setting and   back-to-basics feel is what makes Our Native Village so special.

Getting There

This eco village retreat, is a pleasant two hour’s drive away from the city. When the GPS said we had only about 2km to go, we suddenly came upon a large barren stretch of land, on both sides of the increasingly bumpy road. Just as we began to wonder if we were lost, we saw the beautiful grasslands, “the last surviving open grasslands that are wintering grounds for migratory birds”, according to Our Native Village, Bangalore. The breathtaking view more than compensated for the drive through the rough patch!

Let’s Play Farmville


As we drove up to the gate, the guard promptly guided us to the parking lot and the staff helped us unload our bags. The resort offers around 22 family rooms, and each room has different styles of art work on their walls. Our room had a comfortable, homely feel to it – simple, spacious and clean. The earthen walls, terracotta tiled floor and large windows added to the rustic feel while also keeping the room pleasant and cool. Our room also had a small balcony overlooking the open grounds below.

Arriving as we did around noon {check-in time} we still had some time to kill before lunch. So we set off to wander around the beautiful property. While talking to the staff we learnt that not only do they generate their own electricity from solar panel arrays here, but also the water supply is from a rain water harvesting system.

Eating And Drinking


The eco-friendly restaurant here is fairly large and partly open air. Their specialty is authentic Karnataka cuisine, but they also offer a few regular pan-Indian dishes. They serve organic food and they grow everything on their farm. The food is laid out buffet-style with rotis served fresh and hot at the table. Some of the tables are set up with games like snakes and ladders, ludo and chess, perfect to keep the little tykes busy. The staff is friendly and they even offered to babysit till we finished our meal, which was a real blessing.

My Family And Other Animals

There’s plenty of animal life to be spotted around the property. From roosters and chicken running around to a few dogs and cats lazing about, and a pair of horses munching on hay and a small shed filled with mooing cows. The organic pool here is a kid’s delight; partly covered in natural moss and also populated by a few tiny fish. After a hearty meal, we were a bit loathe to change into bathing suits, so we decided to chill by the pool on the charpoys that were laid out.

Spinning tops, flying kites and playing with tyres — all old school games that you can play while at Our Native Village whether your 5 or 55. After a round of tea and snacks in the evening we were escorted to our chariot — a bullock cart waiting up front! We climbed aboard and took off for a short excitement filled ride.

At night, the clear sky was a treat for our pollution weary eyes. Without the noise and dust of traffic it was hard to believe that we were still in Bengaluru! The facility is pet friendly and it’s ok to leave your pet unleashed at times, to explore the grounds. However, pets are not allowed in the restaurant area and it is preferred to have them on a leash during meal times, which is understandable.

So, We’re Thinking…

We found Our Native Village presented a unique getaway for all of us. We were immersed in a lifestyle which is far removed from our daily routines. The warmth and love we received from the entire staff gave us all {including our dog Misty} that great feeling of being at home {or of never having left at all}!

Photos: Our Native Village