These Kids Outdoor Summer Camps Will Make You Wish You Were A Child Again


    Help your kids get “life ready” during the hols with these outdoor camps curated by Inme, for 8 to 17-year-olds. They learn life skills, appreciation for the environment, learn to manage themselves in new social settings, and possibly, make friends for life!

    Campsites And Camaraderie

    Going to camp in the summer vacations, discovering one’s own personality, learning some serious life skills, and meeting besties to grow old with: these are rites of passage that make childhood memorable! And the Inme camps do exactly that: with camps for kids with various degrees of exposure to camp life. There are 6-day camps for first timers {aged 8 onwards}, where they learn backpacking, wilderness craft, and try to figure out what sort of outdoorsy interest rocks their boat. For the more experienced ones {aged 9 to 16}, the Discoverer course takes them away for 7 days, picking up skills as varied as rifle shooting or photography.

    The Great Outdoors

    They also work with villages near the Inme campuses, get a greater understanding of the environment, and learn more about their own signature styles of planning, problem solving and other interpersonal dynamics. Don’t you wish you had started off this young? As the young ones mature into young Indiana Joneses, the 12-17-year-olds look forward to the Challenger courses, which help them build their leadership skills, teach them survival – skills that they can use in the wilderness and in the urban sprawls with equal aplomb.

    While camp is on, the kids are off the grid, using the camp phone to reach parents in case needed, but otherwise with no contact with the outside world, or the internet. Stories abound, of tearful farewells on the last day of camp, and abiding friendships as the kids grow up, and go through college, and beyond, with friends from camp.

    Summer Of Skills

    Kayaking, scuba diving, skiing, rafting, road and mountain biking are some of the skills that participants at an Inme camp can experience. They can do this at camps as close to Bangalore as Coorg, Karwar or Yercaud, or go across the country to Andamans, Rishikesh, Tons, or Solang. In addition, there are international camp sites, too.  And don’t you worry, it’s very highly rated, and is safe for your precious.

    Find out more about the programmes here.