From Tarts To Icing, Ace Them Cake Skills At This Cool Baking Studio In HSR Layout

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Can’t bake to save a life? Say, hello to Oven Bonbons in HSR that will teach you the craft from scratch with its hands-on workshops. From learning to make icing to a full-fledged cake, it's time to bake.  

What Makes It Awesome

Baking studios in HSR are far and few and Oven Bonbon has filled that massive void with their state-of-the-art and cute studio. You'll love the way the studio is set up in a Pinterest-y manner, complete with teal-coloured low-lying seaters, bean bags, coloured furniture, and pretty wall planters. Nischitha Thejas, the lady behind the studio, wants to promote baking culture and educate the masses on the wonders of baking. The studio is set up like an academy like model when it comes to these workshops and classes, meaning unlike the run-of-the-mill baking classes that happen in the city where everything is cramped into a 2-hour class, you have a module to follow.

Moreover, these classes also focus on the recipe and decoding the science behind it as well. Sounds very MasterChef Australia like, right? The techniques behind each step are elaborated upon as well. The studio offers a four-day course on the basics of cake and icing which is split into two modules. These classes are open to everyone and you’ll need to get in touch with the studio for details regarding the course fees, timings, and other details. There's also workshops and classes that teach you how to make tarts, high tea cakes and bakes, and macaroons.