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HSR Folks,This Food Delivery Service Will Send Cheesy Base Pizzas To Your Doorstep

Amrita posted on 18 April


Oven Story Pizza does four kinds of pizza basically — but the bases come stuffed with different kinds of cheese. Plus, they do delivery. Win!

So Cheesy!

Oven Story’s pizzas come with interesting cheese filled bases. So that means melted cheese in every bite. You can take your pick from four kinds such as the Peri Peri, which comes with toppings like chicken salami, tandoori chicken, chicken sausage, chicken kheema for the chicken fiends, and tandoori paneer, bell pepper, american corn and olives for the vegetarians. Don’t care about Peri Peri, then there’s 4 Pepper, Chipotle and Classic {El Classico} cheesy bases available too with the same toppings mentioned above. Sides include garlic breads, bruschetta and molten lava cake {anyone else getting a Dominos de ja vu here?} and regular colas.


If you order via Zomato, then you get a 20 per cent discount on orders above INR 300.

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