Business Or Pleasure? Oyo Townhouse In Indiranagar Is Perfect For The Millennial Traveller


    Designed for the millennial traveller, the “budget-friendly yet luxury” format of the Oyo Townhouse in Indiranagar is what gets top marks.

    What's A Townhouse?

    If we were to describe our 12th Main Townhouse, we would say on the outside it looks like a boutique hotel with a grey and white paint job, and splashes of red on the windows and balconies. Inside, it looks like a well-planned hotel that houses everything from spacious and comfortable rooms to a cafe lounge where you can sip on some fresh brew or catch up on some work. There’s something very millennial and hip about the Townhouse and while we can’t put a finger on what exactly it is, we can tell you that it’s perfect for your out-of-town friends, your clients, and even for you to check in when you want a day of pampering. One must draw attention to The Drawing Room, which is basically an informal common area, where you can meet, eat, work, and even relax. How cool is that right? No longer waiting in the lobby for your friends. Oh, and in case you are wondering, the menu available at the cafe has been tailor-made to suit everyone’s palette. Basically, comfort food {think upma, paratha, crepes, and the likes} keeping nutrition and health in mind.

    Checking Into A Smart Space

    While we didn’t stay here, but we did look around and one has to mention that the way the building is designed is very much in keeping up with the times. Contemporary designs all over the place give you the feeling of comfort and convenience. Even the digital infrastructure of the space is updated to ensure quicker bookings and check in/out along with making the room’s features and other add-on services super-easy to use.

    Your rooms are designed in such a way that whether you are checking into the Indiranagar one or the Koramangala one, you will feel like you experiencing something streamlined. Everything from the wooden flooring to the 32-inch LED/LCD TV that’s Netflix-enabled and 12-inch shower to the specially designed bed with an 8-inch mattress and black out curtains is present at all Townhouses. Free high-speed internet is a given.

    Concierge Services, Location And More

    Concierge services in a mid-budget hotel? Well, call us fancy and bring us a bottle of champagne. Well, withholding the bottle of champagne, the concierge service is a better way of saying that the Oyo Captain at the Townhouse ensures 24/7 customer support wherever and whenever required.

    Speaking of locations, the concept of Townhouse is that be located at happening or well-known neighbourhoods — the Koramangala one is next to Sony World Signal while the Indiranagar one is at 12th Main — and are easily accessible from all major airports and railway/metro stations.


    Townhouses are present in several top-tier cities across the country. You can check them out here.