Want To Shoot Your Boss? This Paintball Arena Will Allow You To Do So At Just INR 300

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What is a team building activity when you can’t rub shoulders with your boss, right? Well, taking rubbing shoulders to a whole new level is Extreme Sports Zone’s team building package.

Ready, Aim, Fire

Corporate culture is all about your HR sending you multiple emails about team building activities that involve something as boring as the Trust Fall Activity. Well, making you a hero amongst your colleagues and the HR is this cool fun thing to do that can be neatly packaged as a team building activity. Organised by Extreme Sports Zone, this team building activity had us going all gaga because it’s paintball where you need to strategise and come up with a brilliant way of taking out the opposition {aka the team your boss is in}. In case the boss happens to be on your team, it’s time to show off your brilliant leadership skills. Maybe impress to get a raise?

Now, enough of strategy and let’s tell you a bit about the space. Your paintball arena is going to be outdoors with a lot of rugged obstacles that will really put your skills to test. There’s a whole guerrilla warfare look to the field, so you know it’s time to bring in the tough act and go berserk. Just get the target at the end of the day, we say.

The Price Point

Now, we did tell you that it starts at INR 300 right? Well, that’s per person and it’s inclusive of the equipment and 30 pellets. Now, if you want to go for a bigger package, you can get the 100 pellets package for INR 750. This one is for the trigger happy folks in your team. Oh, there’s also the INR 500 package that gives you 60 pellets. Your choice. And your HR’s. Now, for an additional INR 300 per person, you can upgrade your fun team bonding activity to have additional activities such as cargo net climbing, tightrope walking, zip lining, Burma bridge and horizontal ladders.

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