Paio Shoes Will Help You Design Your Own Statement Pair

Chandni posted on 20 September


Now you can get any shoe under the sun, just the way you like it because Paio shoes lets you customise your footwear according to your whims and fancies. No, really.

Made To Measure

Paio Shoes has a pretty cool off-the-rack collection, but why we’re swooning so much is because they let you craft your shoe to suit your needs and personality. There are 11 kinds of silhouettes to choose from, some of which include Oxford heels, boots, slip-ons, flats and flatforms. Once you’ve selected your basic framework, you can customise the front from about five options. Then move onto the heels {how many inches you think you’d be comfortable in and even the shape}.

As You Like It

As you keep making your choices, you can virtually see what your shoe will look like, and simultaneously the prices will fluctuate to reflect the changes you make. You can then choose the material and colour for each section of the shoe {if you want different for the heel, different for the front, so on and so forth}, and then finally, you can add embellishments such as pearls, chains, studs and piping. So if there’s a particular shoe you really, really want, you know where to get them. Plus, right on the homepage, there’s a video that explains how the shoes are crafted. And there you go, you can have your own Carrie Bradshaw moment with any kind of shoe, and maybe someday, even have a whole closet full of your faves!

Off The Rack

Apart from the customised shoes, they have a pretty sweet assortment of shoes that you can immediately purchase. Check out these ballet flats with quirky colourful triangles and these in a lovely pop orangish-yellow. These tie-up flats with pink ribbons are another favourite. They also have heels and flatforms to choose from.

Price: INR 2,500 to INR 5,000 {for customised shoes} and INR 1,500 to 3,500 {for ready-made shoes}

Contact: +91 9820332894

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