Wanderlust Slip Ons And Hand Painted Juttis: This Brand Crafts The Quirkiest Footwear

Navya posted on 12 February


Fun and trendy - Pair Patola customises brogues, juttis and stylish slip-ons for all you women out there.  

What Makes It Awesome

Think shoes reveal the personality? Then, Pair Patola crafts shoes that showcase your fun and quirky side. An online brand, based out of the city, Pair Patola custom makes juttis, lace-ups, and funky slip ons for women. Their current collection consists of polka-dotted slip ons that are adorned with ice-creams and doughnuts. These are perfect for when you are chilling at home. In absolute style, don't forget.  

For the office or college, you can pick up trendy slips ons with cameras, airplanes, and moustaches sewn on. When you are jazzing up an ethnic outfit, you can choose their juttis that come in floral prints, ikat, and also colourful, little autos. Do check out their brogues too. These feature interesting geometric patterns, little elephants, and vibrant butterflies. Prices start at around INR 1,500. 

What Could Be Better

This is strictly an e-store so if you are one of those who love to try on shoes and designs before plonking down your monies, then, you might have to wait for their next pop up to place your order. 


They've recently started attending a lot of flea bazaars across the country, so keep your eyes open! 

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