Inside Scoop: Papacream Crafts Gourmet Dairy, Gluten & Sugar-Free Ice Creams Too


    What Makes It Awesome

    Mumbaikars, here's how you can ice cream your way through life in three simple steps. Get on to Shop On LBB, find Papacream and place your order. Not only will a delicious tub of ice cream reach you, it will reach you in a jiffy (cause our hyperlocal delivery is Flash, basically). 

    Why Papacream? Because this homegrown brand already has a fan following, we're just making it convenient. Their gourmet, milk based ice creams are winning for creamy texture, on point flavours/flavour combinations and indulgence. But if you're wary of dairy, do not worry. We have stocked up on Vegan versions of the same. Yas! Vegan Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Jelly or even their Vegan Raspberry Sorbet, we've got 'em all. 

    While the former is all about indulgence, with the vegan options you can indulge and eat good too. Woohoo! Papacream, like papa would, cares about the ingredients that you put into your system. So rest assured, all the fruits, chocolate, or dairy is only the freshest and the premi-yum kind. Prices start at INR 395 for a 500ml tub. 


    Papacream is only available in Mumbai is you choose to shop through LBB. However, they have outlets in Bangalore and Delhi, so you can always Swiggy or Dunzo a tub. Papacream is also available in Chennai and Hyderabad, order through The Alt Mart website.