Top View: Check Out Bangalore From Above With A Parasailing Ride

    Yelahanka, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    If being swept off your feet (literally) is your idea of a good time, then Jakkur Aerodrome’s parasailing experience is just the thing for you. You will be attached to a parasail (a parachute, basically), which in turn will be safely tethered to a jeep. Then, once the vehicle starts to move and you pick up wind, you’ll slowly start to lift upwards. Much like a kite, you’ll soon be flying through the clouds (okay, not so high). When you get your breath and heartbeat back, open your eyes and look down at the scenic sights of the city. Or enjoy the peace and silence around while you are up in the air, at a height of 200-300 feet above ground for almost 3 minutes. Prices start at INR 725, and you can book via Aero Adventures or even Viking Aerosports

    Popular among youngsters, adventure enthusiasts as well as office-goers looking for a much-needed break from the buzz of the city, parasailing apparently is one of the safest aero sports, we are told, making it a great weekend option for families. Suitable for children aged 4-10, the tandem parasailing option lets a parent fly with the little one. Next time you are out of weekend plans, sign yourself up along with your family or friends (the more the merrier) for this airy adventure and float away.


    They cancel these sessions when the weather is bad, so don't plan in the monsoon. But winter, spring and summer is fabulous.

      Yelahanka, Bangalore