Pascati Chocolates Are Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade And Absolutely Delicious!

What Makes It Awesome

Jumping on the fair trade and organic bandwagon? Good! You should. Especially when there are outstanding options such as Pascati. Crafting chocolate bars from the finest of cacao beans that are “roasted, cracked, winnowed and conched” in a highly controlled environment to maximise flavour, Pascati is one of few chocolatiers who ensure each batch is made to perfection. 

Don’t look here for your usual flavours. Instead, try Mint Dark Chocolate, Orange Cinnamon Hazelnuts, Raspberry And Hibiscus Dark, and Sea Salt Dark among others. Apart from the amazing taste, we also love that the brand in fair trade compliant, which means it is ethically and sustainably sourced, and the farmers working with the ingredients, gets paid fairly too. So really, eating chocolate, from Pascati, is doing more than just one good deed! Go save the world, one chocolate bar at a time!