Pedicure Clinic In Woodlands Hotel For Chiropodic Treatment By Professionals

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What Makes It Awesome

Give the spas a break and head to Pedicure Clinic for an elaborate chiropodic treatment. Your feet will thank you! A discrete signboard within the premises of Woodlands Hotel guides you to the Pedicure Clinic, located in a quiet space and surrounded by potted plants. A humble two-room space, the place has an outer area for visitors to wait and the inner room is the clinic. But, don’t let the simple appearance deceive you because your feet are in for a real treat! Started in 1986 by chiropodist Mahboob Shariff, the clinic specialises in the treatment of foot-related problems, including everything from calluses and corns to verucca as well as orthopedic problems. So, no fancy pedicures here, we must warn you. What you’ll get instead is efficient chiropodic care for your weary feet. 

The basic treatment here priced at INR 700 starts with a foot bath, letting your feet soak in warm water for a few minutes. Then, Mahboob will come along with an array of equipment (sterilised after each use). After diligently scraping off the dirt and calluses off your soles, they clean the cuticles of your toenails, clip and buff the nails, and end the 45-60 minute procedure with a short massage. A proper analysis and treatment of foot-related problems is also done for those who want further care. Boasting of a clientele that ranges from people of all ages (from all over the world, apparently) to even celebrities and sportspersons, these guys have appointments booked weeks in advance. So, next time you want to pamper your weary feet, you know where to turn to.

Covid-19 Update: The clinic is open but they are operating out of space in Jaymahal currently between 9 am to 6 pm. Call 8050086678 for the exact location and plan your visit accordingly. They intend on opening their clinic at Woodlands Hotel in early 2021.