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Regular, Dark or Coconut: Peels Nut Butter Offers Every Kind Of Guilt Free Nut Butters


    PeelsNutButterCo. whips all natural, handmade nut butters, made from almonds and peanuts. The nut butter is a healthy alternative to commercial bread spread and so you can still enjoy them, but not feel like you’ve to spend an extra hour in the gym.

    Au Natural Goodness

    In operation for a year now, Peels Nut Butter was the brainchild of Payal Kini, who needed some nutrition after her cycling trips. A try at a homemade recipe turned to be a huge success and from there the only way was up. What originally started as little batches of homemade nut butter only for her and her friends, has now turned into a business venture. And nuts are supposed to be healthier to replenish salts that are lost during exercise. So, what better way than some rich nut butter? And you don’t even feel guilty when you’re having it. The butter is made with only three ingredients, namely the nut, wild organic honey and Himalayan pink salt.

    Jars Of Happiness

    The butter is made from two kinds of nuts — almonds or peanuts. The peanut butter comes in two variants — smooth and chunky. The almond butter has three variants — regular almond butter, dark almond butter {extra toasted nuts} and almond and coconut butter. All of these kinds of butter are weighed at 260 gms. The peanut butter is priced at INR 350 a jar, the almond butter {regular and dark} at INR 600 a jar and the almond coconut butter at INR 700 a jar. There’s even a vegan option used, with honey being substituted with coconut sugar. They also will soon be making higher calorie, limited edition butter, made from cashews.

    You can order these from their Instagram page or message Payal on Whatsapp at +91 98454 37440.