This Bistro On New BEL Road Wins For Its Chicken Cheesy Gol Gappa And Its Terrace Location

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What Makes It Awesome

I go to Peppermill Bistro to soak in the balmy breeze on the terrace when it’s cool enough, but the inside is also so pretty (with AC on full blast), it doesn’t compromise the chic Mediterranean vibes. Blue and white are the dominant colours to match the European cuisine, and it really does transport you to the Med coast.

Breakfast is given great importance here — the healthy kind with cut fruit and porridge to the massive fry ups including sausages, eggs to order, croissants. They even have pancakes and waffles (try the one with fresh fruit and maple syrup) to finish off on a sweet note. For starters, I zeroed in on Steak Cubes, delicious chunks of chicken tossed in Worcestershire sauce and Italian herbs, tasty Buffalo Wings and the rather disappointing Zatar bread and hummus (mostly because it was very far from Zatar bread). But, onward to mains!

When you say steaks it’s hard to stay away. The Chicken Herb Steak stole the show! Simple, grilled with herbs and served with mustard, rice and veggies, it was rather filling. Then we spoiled the healthy streak with Mac n Cheese. It’s been a while since I’d had such an authentic Mac n Cheese – gooey, cheesy and indulgent! Sea Bass with Crème Anglais was tasty, but I wasn’t convinced by the sauce as it was a bit too sweet. Add to your gluttony with a cold coffee with hazelnut or just a strong hot chocolate, and you're good to go.