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Head To This Outlet For A Safe & Scrumptious Meal In The Open!


    As things look getting back to normal, Wanted to step out for a long time. Being cautious where &. When to step out, I chose to make my first visit out to Big Pitcher Sajrapur. Certainly has my interest for multiple reasons - Huge Open space all around with multi-levels, Highly trained staff & Legacy BP continues with great food and ambience

    They have a highly curated menu with the best-curated dishes coming to the menu card. Loved their starters which we ordered - In the Name of Nachos, Fish Nam Prik Pao were a must-try from the starters. Never seen Tapoica starters in such a big place & they banged with Cassava Manchurian topped with a fried egg. Tried Maa Kasam Spicy Hai from the veg menu which got paneer with Maharashtrian flavours served with Maska Pav. Supposed to be spicy. Loved this

    Been heavy with Starters, Settled to Spicy Chicken Burger from the Mains. Cheese-filled chicken patty steals the plate with the salad adding the freshness to mellow down the burger.

    The staff was quite helpful while we choose the drinks menu. Kohou Mula, Desi Khursani joins the table so we enjoy the food well. Thanks to the bartender for making the drinks with less ice as requested.

    With great expectations tried the Chocolate Volcano Cake - This is a must-try here. Definitely should be on every table where this beauty comes with dark & white chocolate inside the cake served with the vanilla scoop.

    Coming to safety hygienes - Staff were well adoring to the safety standards right from my entry with temperature, sanitization check to taking the phone numbers of the customer - So that information can be passed on demand. The table is sanitized again before we seated, Being a open huge place - & it is more like a private corner undisturbed so we can feel to enjoy peacefully

    Can't wait to go back to enjoy these above favourite dishes of mine.