We Found A Factory Outlet Store In Majestic With Discounts On Denim And Shirts 365 Days A Year

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    The Peter England Factory Outlet in Majestic is for all you men looking for a go-to store for all your wardrobe needs. It’s got year-round discounts ranging from 25 per cent to flat 50 per cent off.

    What Makes It Awesome

    It’s not every day that you will make that trip to Majestic, but whenever you are in that part of town for whatever reasons it may be (you might want to check out our biryani places around Majestic for one), be sure to stop at the Peter England Factory Outlet near Majestic. It’s one of those stores for men that takes care of your wallet without compromising on style or quality. In fact, chances are your first formal shirt would have been one from Peter England itself.

    This factory outlet’s year-around discounts is what will draw you to the shop come payday. Or not, considering that with the discounts that range from 25 per cent to 50 per cent. That’s not all, they even throw in those “Buy X, Get X” offers too, making it one of those few shops where you can go for a complete wardrobe overhaul on a steal. Currently, they offer 25 per cent off if you buy one shirt, trousers, t-shirt or denim trousers. If you are to buy two of anything, that’s when the “Buy X, Get X” offer kicks in. The store offers up to Buy 4, Get 4 offer on all the apparel.

    Located in the basement, the factory outlet is like any other retail outlet of Peter England — bright, with neatly arranged apparel in descending order of sizes, and the staff fussing over you. The store’s collection is of formal shirts in checks, stripes, solids, and monochromatic designs and colours. The formal wear section is corporate-friendly and smart. The casual wear and denim are mostly last season trends, but we got no complaints there either. 


    Do note that these offers tend to change up a bit during seasonal sales, but for the most part of the year, these are the discounts available.

      Available Online