This Home Baker Specialises In Dainty Petit Fours, Iced Cookies And French Macarons

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Iced cookies, mini cakes and French macarons are what this home baker does best. For a dose of sugar rush and goodies for your event, say hello to Petit Crumbs.

Loads Of Crumbs

“It’s so pretty, I don’t want to eat them!” — our initial reaction when we stumbled upon Petit Crumb’s Instagram’s handle that’s filled with all kinds of baked goodies. One look at those colourful French macarons and you will feel that Subalakshmi Sundar has mastered the art of baking at some fancy-schmancy baking school. Turns out this mother-of-two learnt all the tools of the trade off the internet, proving that all those hours that we spend watching Tasty videos can actually be put to use.

But enough about Tasty videos and let’s talk about Petit Crumbs’ tasty looking goodies that you can actually order. She specialises in iced cookies {which are basically vanilla-flavoured cookies with colourful icing on the top}, cupcakes, mini cakes and designer cakes, mini layered cakes called Petit Fours, and our favourites {we are ordering a batch}, French macarons. Sugar rush, anyone?

Getting Baked

Parties, baby showers, birthdays, engagement, or wedding— you name it and Subalakshmi’s baked goodies would have found a way to these events. While she takes individual orders, she does corporate orders and bulk orders as well. She works with InnerChef and also if you want to check out her goodies, do drop by Teal Door Cafe, who’s also one of her clients.

Now, iced cookies are where Petit Crumbs gets the “oohs” and “aahs!” because the cookies are basically like a blank canvas with Subalakshmi letting her imagination run wild with the icing. We spotted these adorable iced cookies that she made for Ganesh Chaturthi and these cute baby shower ones. Cupcakes get everything from chocolate to rainbow icing while the Petit Fours are the cute bite-sized layered cakes that have everything some salted caramel to chocolate fillings. Perfect for those tea parties {or 4 pm hunger pangs} we say! Lastly, the French macarons. Available in all kinds of flavours, these can be customised to the T depending on the occasion. They come with hand painted designs as well.

Order Now

Petit Crumbs works on existing designs as well as things that you pick straight out of Instagram or Pinterest, so you are pretty much sorted on that front. Now, since these are baked to order, it’s important that you call Subalakshmi or reach out to her through her social handles, here and here. You can also sent her a text {or call} on + 91 9620204609.